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With 30 years of experience in the line of professional Investigations we will provide the complete Factual and Surveillance Investigations.

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Investigation Services

We deliver Investigations and surveillance Services.

Counter Espionage

Choose us to gather the information on any suspicions act.

Locate Witnesses & Debtors

We can help you locate the source you are searching for.

Bug Detection

We will keep you away from all software related issues.

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Surveillance of persons or property

We have highly experienced Investigators available to work on matters involving Insurance Claims be it Workers Compensation Claims, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Motor Vehicle and Public Liability Claims.

We aim to provide satisfactory results when it comes to Surveillance or Factual Investigations. In order to do that, our competent and professional Investigator will take care of your assignment.

However, Surveillance activities have to comply with State and Federal Laws and the guidelines set under our Licensing requirements.

Moreover, we are committed to bringing you a professional service and work under ethical standards to get the required outcome. Thus, whenever you feel the need to keep an individual under Surveillance we will handle it for you.

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We comply with all the rules and regulation related to Investigation to keep you safe.


Leave all the legal formalities and the processing of the legal investigative documents to us.

Process Serving

We serve all manner of court documents and papers and if you are having difficulty of locating a witness or someone who needs to be served a process document we can assist you

Family Law

We provide high quality infrared cameras and lighting to record in the night condition.


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With Over 30 Years OF Experience

Professional investigators

Get all the information related to suspicious activities. Contact us now!

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