Frequently Asked Questions

As Private/Insurance Investigators, Private Inquiry/Commercial Agents we have a network of licensed and trusted Agents in every State and Territory in Australia. As Private Investigators or Insurance Investigators most operate their own individual practices and are available on a need be basis and maintain their own licensing as required by law in most states and as such it is difficult for any one agency to be across all the different Jurisdiction, legislation/ laws that covers Private/Insurance Investigators around Australia.

The Investigation process is when you first contact our Investigation company to find out how we can assist you and determine what is the best way to move forward. At Advanced Investigations you will speak with a professional Investigator. We will explain the process of the Investigation and if we are unable to assist you we will endeavour to direct you towards someone else who can.

If it is determined that we can assist you the next step is getting the information from you and then you can proceed to our

Once the Investigation is started we keep you briefed until the matter is completed. It's that simple

Yes, for example: you can book a Surveillance Investigator for a minimum of two hours in the Sydney metro and a minimum of four hours outside of Sydney for all Surveillance matters. This will also include travelling time and Kilometres from our office at Riverstone.

A Surveillance case is normally a minimum of hours per shift but Surveillance instructions can also be limited by you via a set Dollar amount. We can also include spot checks and these are not generally billed as minimum hour requirements as they are usually cost shared with other matters.

On contacting our office we can explain further details. Contact us via our contact page, Estimate page or telephone 02 9838-1575 or 0418-229890 for more details.

Based on the criteria and the type of Investigation, the price may vary including De-Bugging services but in general our hourly rate is $110 Per Hour plus travelling, Kilometres and GST with minimum hourly rates.

Yes in most cases but there is no guarantee. Example: Surveillance, the Investigator will collect the evidence, record his observations and expose video footage of the activity and observed where possible but we are unable to control what people do or engage in. We can only observe and record activity sighted at the time of the Surveillance. Sometimes Clients suspect or are suspicious and engaged our services to obtain facts or confirmation of their suspicions.

It is not always easy to maintain Surveillance of a Subject and during Surveillance there can be times that contact is broken in heavy traffic or at a set of traffic lights. These are conditions that we have no control over and we do not engage in illegal activity to obtain results.

You will get notified regularly of the progress as agreed at the time of your instructions.

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