Process Serving

We serve all matter of court papers and if you are having difficulty locating a witness or someone who needs to be served a process document we can help. At Advanced Investigations we are government licenced and have a network of process services in every State and Territory in Australia as well as a number of overseas agents.

We have over 30 years experience in tracking down witnesses, persons of interest, and debtors so that they can be served with a court document including Subpoenas, Statement of Claims, Bankruptcy Notice, Family Law Divorce papers and other legal documents, Letter of Demands

We are Licenced Private Investigators and Commercial agents using our skills as professional Investigators and modern technology to locate difficult to find persons and organisations.

We locate and serve the majority of the difficult to find cases. It doesn't matter who you are looking for, we can generally locate them and serve them with the required papers.

The affidavits of service prepared as part of the process serving fee and follow the required legal guidelines for all the different jurisdictions.

Locating and serving people can be difficult and requires that the documents being served it is essential to make sure you have identified the right person.

That's why serving documents is often best left to those who are experienced in this area, and can make the entire process so much easier for you.

No matter how long you have tried to trace someone, or what methods you've used so far, we can step in and help you trace people who need to be served with documents.

With many years of experience and a wide range of skills, our team specialise in those difficult and complex jobs where others may have failed. If you'd like to discuss your options simply pick up the phone and speak in confidence to our professional staff or send us an email.

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